Welcome to my bio

I made a couple things:
Malwares (Roblox game)
Game jolt's Discord (Which you can join with this link)
Other things (I'm to lazy to say it)
Friend requests: Not accepting (I don't accept friend requests)
Discord requests: Same as friend requests (AJTheArtist#9420)
Art Commissions: Probably soon (Its free btw)

(Note: All these people are cool friends that deserve a follow)

@Real_LeGabe The main friend that I like (Pfp maker)
@EitanTheG Grass head (sorry)
@Tellers Cool friend
@FunFuzzy265Official Another cool friend
@_a_Dumb_Artist_ Very cool artist
@-StarWolfie- Another very good artist
@DaylenTvGaming A cool guy
@1_Bacon_1 Another one of those very good artists
_________________________________________________________________________All my socials:
Gamejolt (I mean your already here)
Discord (AJTheArtist#9420)
Roblox (I don't accept friend requests)
Twitter (Yeah its ok)
BioLink (So You can just have all my socials easily)
Soder (Troll)

And that is the end to this very long bio
Have a good day!

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Shout @AJTheArtist!

Thank you for the mention!

let me guess your bisexual or doggo and gabe injected u with girl stuff

Happy Birthday

he is a baller too1!!1111!!1

fanart page cause AMONG no

Just have your awesome (or crappy) art featured here

Any opinions on the new malwares icon?

The guy in malwares icons/Thumbnails Is taking a christmas break

We are just testing stuff in garry's mod

This is a steal bro