HELLO! I'm ANoob, and I mainly do Pixel Arts and Low Poly models, along with other stuff such as Asset Packs, or Music. I'm also the Owner of the Low Poly/Voxel Art Community here in Gamejolt.

Regarding my art content, I do/did a few series or projects, such as Pixi Around The World, Pixi, Pixelified, and the elusive meme here and there (along with other, unnanounced projects). I also co-host CrocoJam, aka a Crocotile 3D related jam.


Q: What programs do you use?

A: Aseprite for my pixel arts/textures, Crocotile 3D for my 3D stuff.

Q: What languages do you speak?

A: English and Spanish... Yup, I speak Spanish too.

Q: Do you want to work on my project as an artist?

A: I really appreciate that you offer me the opportunity to work on your project, but at the moment, the answer is most likely "no", I don't feel like I'm good enough with animations, and I'm pretty bad at working with a tileset workflow.

Q: Do you make commissions?

A: At the moment, no, maybe in the future though...

Q: What are your pronouns?

A: They/Them, they're also at the top of my profile, alongside "GMR".

Q: In what other places or social medias can I find you?

A: Here's my carrd with links to other places where you can find me (such as Twitter and Reddit): https://anoob.carrd.co/#links.

Thanks for checking out my profile!

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Shout @ANoob_!

Your art reminds me of plants vs zombies 1.

Make William Afton as a low poly model

Couple art requests

Pokemon Trainer Red

Champion Leon

Chairman Rose

Nightmare (FNaF 4)




Peashooter (Plants Vs Zombies)

Gargantuar (Plants Vs Zombies)

Dr Zomboss (Plants Vs Zombies)

That should be it.

Love the new profile picture (Not sure where to put this, so I just put it here lol)

Bro I'm inlove with you-r art 💦

The world truly is a crazy place, huh?...

Stay safe. Hopefully the situation will get better for everyone affected.



Palette used is Island Joy 16


[Shovel Knight] Resting by the Campfire...

Palette used is Zughy-32.


WALL-E & EVE, Made in Crocotile 3D, for CrocoJam 5 (Theme: Robots) by me. Palette used is PICO-8. #lowpoly

Carrot Seller

Made and rendered in Crocotile 3D, by me. Palette used is Zughy-32