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just pretend I have a cool bio or smth

Birthday : 6th September

pronuns/sexuality/gender : i use all pronuns,, i am no woman, i am no boy, i am alex. i love pans(exual) and i am a silly polyramous

Art requests : open!!

Trying do a short bio( epic fail )

Now i am gonna mention some friends that i love and you should follow and respect,, including beloveds

@HearthCandy2 - my beloved <3

@fluorsmth - beloved 2, ilysm snansansjanjw

@Patoe_ - helo👋👋

@bloopiehp - beloved 4, i love this guy and nobody can stop me!!!

@gary_heckerson - hot green person 2

@yowhat - one of my closest friend and an awesome epic person<3 !!

@_juzo - beloved 3 epic person!! Ily🛐( marriage when )

@bella__ - a really nice person that helped me a lot with my family problems <33

@Caro_ - what can i say, is caro!!

@Regalito - green person

@BurritoBoy30 - 🌯

@Theolikes-Space_ - cool frien B))

@Soulzy - what have you done🤡

@VickzStudio - cœüsīñ😁

@dso or @chloe__ whatever it is🤩🤩 - pog

I dont remember everyone, sorry if i forgot someone😭😭

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Omgg!!your drawing is beautiful!!

Pepper Goofy ahh funny cat pfp


Is this cat a gril or a guy

Crap sorry I was joking didn’t actually mean it, sorry if I hurt your feelings

Hi,, i dont apparently have a sona soo

Add some stickers if you want,,

Feel free to ask me questions

More in article, shits and more

Everything i say is sarcastic, there would be a rare alert that is serious

Yall smell like shit 🐂💨

https://discord.gg/uCZtwpnbhZ +100 social credits if join (you become chad in 48 hours, 37 minutes, 26 seconds if join)

My YouTube just ask me : how was that video notification???????????

dude i dont even know, I didn't even saw that