Hey, I'm Anaesthesia!! Super-SFW, friendly Furry boi, and an artist, fursuiter, and cosplayer! Currently working on a Springtrap cosplay!!!!!

My YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiTdOsF3iNpsldI01jRpngg/

My Twitter: https://twitter.com/Anaesthesia_Bun

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hiya, I'm the new account of @TemmieTales . I had to message you as soon as I made the new account :3

Btw keep up the good work friend!

Hi, do you still use Game Jolt?

Hey sis-

Just checking in sense I haven't been able to catcha online anymore ;-;

And I just wanted to put it in shouts because because

Dude are you alive

Anyone got a full-body picture of Springtrap? I need it for a project

Today is Chewsday

I'm a Bunny furry/therian/Bungender❤🐰❤

@Anaesthesia_Bun is kinda gay tbh. Not to mention the fact that he's a furry. Ew.

I miss pride month..... :'(


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