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your sus man

why did you follow me?

I also do things

Hey thanks for following me means a lot

@thatdoggocalledray @SuperLugig5 so i just heard about fnaw sit 2 and im amazed the og game was one of my fav fnaw fan games and hell even my first and all i want to say about this project is good luck and hope you have fun during the development so later

@NutelGame so this isn't a glitch in the game but it's something that bothers me on the bedroom 1 in the warped universe Mario kills me when the alarm is still going this to me makes it a bit unfair unless that's supposed to happen but anyways fix it plz

so rotc by nutel released today but tbh im not a big fan of it read the article for my opinion

average chipper and sons player (btw sorry for the bad art)

@Bloodnessbitz I love your new five nights at wario's mod return of the virus it was pretty scary but I came Apon a glitch that when you closed the right door it wouldn't show the door it would show the power going down but not the door plz fix this bug.