I'm just a person vibing but I'm also a person who likes to draw art! Ofc I'm no artist -w- but I do my best. I also make pfps, banners, headers etc. I just ask for proper credit and permission to upload it even after you have it as your pfp banner etc. This is actually very beneficial for you as well cause I shout you out, you shout me! I'm not actually much of a business person so it's for free. I also do challenges etc.

She/her but pretty chill with they/them

I do say this again and again but I usually give out somewhat wrong times in my posts because I don't want people to know where I specifically am, lol-

I also do fanarts and I like music (I can somewhat play the piano) and love theatre and books. I'd love to suggest you some good books so please follow me and if you want you could even friend me!

Thanks for reading this monologue :D

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I was gonna write long descriptions for the aforementioned but there's only space for one monologue in my bio

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Also If I ever say that I'm having a seizure or smn then just to assure you rn that I'm completely fine and don't have anything that could cause seizures

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happy spawn day



Happy birth day!!

Hiya! How’s everything going?

Heyo! I'm Artsy. I never really had a knack for introductions, but I decided to make an intro post for this account anyway heh. You can also ask questions or stuff on this post :D.

If you read through this, ty and, ty for supporting me for this long <3

Science test today, feeling nervous '..

Also learning to play instruments fro next stream :) see you (possibly) Friday/Thursay


On popular request... peashooter!

This was fun, I should draw more stuff like this :D.

Request:https://gamejolt.com/x/permalink/comment/19031131 by @Bagel_Bite


Second pic reference from comic

Thinking of colouring this later :D! What do you think? Also, I did this on stream! If you ever have any requests etc. I will probably draw them! So drop in every now and then :)!

Happy joltvember!...Is that a thing? Idk, anyway,

Gimme some art prompts in the comments!


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