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Какого хера вы взяли Блязеди на озвучку в русскую версию? Лучше бы вы Савелия Младова взяли, как и обещали!

that game , is awesome, hard but awsesome

Are you going to create another game in the future?

I'm constantly finding myself going back to play the final boss just for the great music, and I never get tired of the second phase's switch in tone

Game was amazing but there are a few bugs I feel need to be addressed like the boss fight with maria, if shadow use his skills he freeze and can longer move in the fight, during the super sonic battle we as the player don't really get enough time at all to gather the energy we need to fight and there's no real way to dodge his laser beam or other attacks making the boss fight unbelievably hard and unfair in my opinion. and you can't even dodge the lser no matter if u keep boosting its just unfair

This level has had many iterations. What it was originally and what came out in the end is a great miracle. This level took the longest time to create.

Sonic Omens - Chao Paradise I Level Prototype
GameJolt: server: level has had many iterations....

Creating G.U.N. Arsenal was a real challenge for me, I had many ideas on how to make the level unique, but they were all stifled by the technical component. It was also a challenge to tell the player about the new Shadow mechanics.

Sonic Omens - G.U.N. Arsenal I Level Prototype
GameJolt: server: G.U.N. Arsenal was a real ...

📌Patch 3. 0. 1.

Since the project is complete, we're making final edits before we leave it alone on the gamejolt page.

We have carefully reviewed the information our community has given us, and here is a list of the changes we have made:

Initially the battle with Gnarl was not planned, it was supposed to be an escape section, like on the waterfall chase, only here you were chased by a sandstorm and a snake.

Sonic Omens - Escaping from Gnarl I Level Prototype
GameJolt: server: the battle with Gnarl was...
Sonic Omens - Wild Ridge I Level Prototype
GameJolt: server: levels were created to redu...

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