Producer, Artist, and Jedi Wannabe.

My first gaming memories are playing as Kirby.

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He’s-a gonna win! #WarioFriday

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When I think about games set on Mars, the Red Faction series jumps to mind.

The environmental destruction enabled by Geo-Mod was such a fun innovation. #RedPlanetDay

As is the case for so many people, my first #MinecraftMemory was trying to dig the deepest hole that I could.

It's been wild to see Minecraft go from a new indie game to an icon that has crossed over with the world's biggest franchises.

I love that #SuperMarioRPG remake kept the squished, vaguely off-model Mario from the original.

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#HappyBirthdayMiyamoto! My favorite of his franchises has to be Starfox. I've always loved sci-fi, so a Nintendo space fighter series is right up my alley.

My favorite game in the series is Star Fox 64 (which I've sunk SO MANY hours into.)