▪ Elo!, welcome to . . . idk my boring profile lol. I am a polish🇵🇱 avali that is 19 years old. You can both call me BeziTank, Bezi or my real name Wiktor!

-Mood: Crappy

-Favorite Films: Lord Of The Rings

-Preferred Gaming Platform(s): PC

-Favorite Animal(s): Avali, bunny, fox, cat, and many more.

-Favorite Music Genre(s): Electronic, Eurodance, Italodance, Trance, Jumpstyle and Hardstyle.

-Favorite Game(s): Minecraft, Gothic, Dark Souls, Farming Simulator, Euro Truck Simulator, Warhammer 40k

-Favorite Artist(s): TheMirrorSunflower, Vampymatsu, CopiTheCat

-Favorite Food: Any spicy or pepper crisps


▪ Contact details:
Discord - bezitank or BeziTank#0132

Gamejolt - Simply just friend me lol

Only friend me if is for private matters. Casual chatting or making friends is not a valid reason.


▪ Working as a moderator in the "The Furry Queendom" gamejolt community.

Profile Picture by: https://twitter.com/CopiTheCat

Banner by: @Mimeku_JK

▪ More about me: https://gamejolt.com/p/about-me-zqqtfgbp

▪ My interests: https://gamejolt.com/p/my-hobbies-interests-and-likes-talking-about-my-life-in-general-vqfneyjc


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because i don't know you seem very cool i guess

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Hey, umm, do you have any idea of why your posts don't show in the Furry Community? I know you post there but they don't show in any channel.


A post about my character OCs!

This post contains all information, ref sheets and fanarts of my characters!


This is "blood physics test."

Video by me

So true

A guide for minecraft beginners? A video game is no fun if your going to know everything. It spoils everything.

Best experience would be to learn from playing the game.

No one was able to name every animal. Come on guys, I thought furries are like the smartest when it comes to animals. Well I'll name a few.