I am a new youtuber that likes to play fnaf fan games and draw fan art


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Ok I'm finally back and I'm going to be posting every night for real this time

So ummm I fell asleep while the video was in uploading and I forgot about it when I woke up and now I'm not at my house so now I'm going to have to wait a couple days till I can upload it

I'm posting tonight yester day was busy and I couldn't post

https://youtu.be/JZ1-fWl8Btw Nightly videos are back

Spring bonnie gave me a heart attack. The Return to Bloody Nights
got absolutely Rekt by spring Bonnie

Just got my motivation to start posting again so I will be doing a video tonight

I don't think i'm going to post tonight

https://youtu.be/7oqQhM8ZIZc Its late but I still got it out

Caught Freddy in 4k RecRoom
Sorry this video is late

So I was going to post tonight but sadly for some reason when I recorded the video it did not record the audio so I will definitely Be posting tomorrow.

https://youtu.be/amWzSDADHUg Here is that last video for tonight

Frick you Freddy Ultimate Animatronic Salvage 2
here is the last video for today

https://youtu.be/IC4-gAcabhY Back at my house next video is coming shortly

I found a secret Five Nights at Thomas's Derailed
night 5 was too hard I could not be it