Hey everyone it's the epic gamer @BluFoxGames ! should I change my name to Panvysc? Anyway I make demos, really bugged games, and a few gems. I am almost always active, and I am the owner of scratch gang. I hope you enjoy my games and rate them high! Also follow @WaffleJB5 he's my online be

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My scratch account (I got banned) Is @Bomb_rush_blush pls look

why does your name have waffle in it

dude. flammable tnt

uh... can i have galaxarium citizenship

dude order at cane's. i'm in athens

SwordClashed is coming together now demo coming soon btw this will have extra plus versions in the future and here are some pictures:

ok g a m e r s imma making plant thing so pls help me out here (btw this is for my rpg's plant enemies) Edit: who said steal carsicks art

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ok guys new game yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


post in this channel more please