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pfp by @ManutkArt

Fresh batch of buttons out of the resin printer for my controller project

First image is showing it before I remove the supports, second shows after they are removed and ready to go

3D printed the bottom of the controller last night. It joins up pretty well to the top.

It's not perfect since resin printing tends to shrink and warp. But it's good enough for my prototype!

Now to make the buttons...


i got really really bored with Tales of Arise around 2/3 in, so I rebelled by making my character an angry rabbit that's trying to save his garden from the forces of evil

I've been working on making my own retro gaming controller from scratch. It's been taking months so far. Finally got to a point where the initial design is finished!

More info in the article about what I'm actually trying to do with it:

dang, now i wait