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I am an old-school gamer that loves creating cakes. Video Games, Anime, and Cartoon characters are my favorite cakes to make.

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My community is the best way to:

  1. Share your cake suggestions & like the ideas you want to see me make

  2. Share your fanart

  3. Share the IRL pictures of foods you made, your pets, or whatever!


PLEASE NOTE- I don't mind criticism, but the moment someone is deliberately mean or starts swearing on any of my posts to me or someone else, you are banned!

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When fireside shut down what will you stream on?

i really love your work an i've been thinking of making an song for you!


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Found the sign used in the opening of The Office, so had to take a pic with the fam. Did you know it’s the real scranton sign and it was taken down and moved to the Steamtown mall cause too many people were stopping on the side of the road to take pics?

We just finished the Netflix series and had to bust out my One Piece cook book. Made the fried rice for Gin. Very tasty 😋

Unown wanted to come out and play!

More bears on the move. You can tell autumn is coming when you see them more often. This was a good size one. See the tag in its ear?