hi, im caleb
im 17 years old, and i've been on GameJolt for a while
i like to chat and rp
and thats pretty much it

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Hi @TheCalebGamingChannel You don't know me and I know that but maybe you can help me?, if you don't want to I won't force you

hey i need help with songs in my fnf mod (link here:https://gamejolt.com/games/sub-to-luigipeeps17-NOW/653207) if you want to help me my discord is ajofilms#3841

can you make music for a vs dave n bambi fansong?

hello, I am a fnf Modder looking for musicians for a fnf mod, and someone sent me here and told me to try asking you, so, would you like to be a part of a Mario fnf mod I am working on that is music wise? if yes, you will need to show me a piece of a song you have already made, if you say no, it's fine, I will try and find someone else to be the song artist for my fnf mod.

SusSus Amogus

Finally beat 6/20 Mode in FNAF UCN. GG's.

why are people saying the FNAF movie bad?
it was really good imo, and it got a 90% audience score-

made it back to gamejolt just in time to leave out this message.
happy spawn day to me, my account is 4 years old.


I have my own WWE Figure Federation, starting its return with this community post!

sooo, Poppy Playtime's 2nd Teaser for the 3rd Chapter just came out.
Who does this look like? Looks like Candy Cat in my opinion.