I'm Brazilian and I don't know how to speak English and other languages ​​very well, so I use a translator to talk to most users here at gamejolt, so if you don't understand anything I'm talking about, you can blame the translator, most of the time I'm depressed, happy and lazy, I live in the state of São Paulo which in this case is in Brazil, I have some games in production and some little guys helping me in development and that's it, don't forget to eat and breathe.

My official gamejolt community: https://gamejolt.com/c/CMC-ty8suj

age: 14

date of birth: 10/16/2008

sexuality: bisexual

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Why did you unfollow me

Ya know your a very good friend ^^

hi im here right now


Thanks for the follow. Feel free to check out the games I made so far when you have the time.

game completed

resetting act 1 remastered after cancellation

Happy birthday ONAF!!!! (I think I'm late)

I see that some people are talking about such a festival, what would this festival be?

welcome @Satikboga1 , hope you do your best!

(he is the coder now of this game)