I'm a hobbyist cartoonist and gamer at heart.

This is where I post my illustrations and character designs!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/claprosearts/

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If you could give anyone all the people to love and give support, who would it be?
Me: @ClapRose

Hello! Your art is amazing-

Found an ai on character.ai that used your art.

i really love your artworks! and you're such a ElaTastic aka Fantastic Artist! my favourite of your art is trapped!

this is my favourite!


i will credit you if i using your artworks!

Hello! Thank you for folloing following me :)

Reference sheets and lore of my persona, characters and the races of sapiens living in Diverra.

Day 19-21 of drawing Kirby enemies in March!

Forgot to say anything but...

Thank you for 20k likes holy smokes???

I provide smol Klaus as a token of appreciation 💚💚

Day 16-18 of drawing Kirby enemies in March!

Day 13-15 of drawing Kirby enemies in March!