Hewwooo!!!! :333

__Some Information About Me__

Name: Comedy The Cat Or Comedy Rittersom

Age: 14 Years Old :0

Gender: Male

Temper: Funny Person, That Acts Like A Kitten Sometimes

Birthday: 21 February

Species: C a t /K i t t e n/K i t t y

Using Ibis.paint x For My Drawings

_I Like_

Some Food: Milk, Meat, Sausage, Pasta, Hotdog, Ice Cream, Pasta

Cats And Bunnies ( They're Cute )

Be Funny :D

To Slee-Zzz

Beung Lazy Sometimes .-.


Good And Funny Humor

To Watch Comedy Films

To Watch Cartoons

To Play In Old Games, That I Have Played In My Past A Lot Time Ago ( Not Playing Online Games )

Sometimes To Watch Horror Content, Creepypastas ( I Knew Creepypastas A Lot Before Fnf Mods Appeared :/ )

Listen Some Sonng, Music ( Without Words )

__Follow My Friends__

@doyouwannahaveabadtimefool Cool animator, artist, developer and cool friend!

@Thegamervice777 Just A Cool Guy

@TilsKun Very Cute Guy :3

@Skyler20089 Good friend

@Glitchy_the_Fox Cool Fox And Cool Artist

@CatKirbDev A Cool Guy :/

@DoallyTheHuman A Very Good Person

@Cris-The-Hedgehog-Studios Very Cool Hedgehog

@Gluetreee Good Friend

@PurpTails_and_PurpSonic Very Cool Friend!

@Ok_Lefty Kind Girl <3

@UltraSonic75 Nice Buddy!

@BonnieFan2000 Very Good Bunny Buddy, That Is Like To Draw And Play

@Oxintoma32Dev Cool Developer

@LunaTheFoxWolf Kind, Good Foxwolf And My Beloved –w–

@LukeDeBruin Meme Guy Which Love Memes \=

@Lightning_Lefox New And Good Friend-Fox!

@glitchyzach94 Nice Artist And Friend!

That's All... = /

@ShadowArts1 Good Comrade 👍

@Fnaf-Plus-AU One Of The Most Kindest Foxes That I've Ever Seen! ^v^

@TiffanyGhostFox Just Soft Fox .-.

_Another Stuff_

PFP By @Fnaf-Plus-AU

My Oc - Comedy The Cat Is Taken By @LunaTheFoxWolf

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Baldi Loves Cat's
Meow :3

wassup comedy

Hey buddy it's me applejack

.....hey can i talk to you


Here Are Some Fan art, That Was Made By Some People For Me ^^

You Can Do Fan Art For As Well Me If You Want


Congratulations To @BonnieFan2000 For Getting 600 Followers

My First Try Of Making Minecraft Skin .-.

Here Is Comedy The HumanCat And Luna The Foxwolf Cuddling Each Other Again –w–

At This Time I Did Logotype Of "Scientists" ( Aka "Ecologs" ) From S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Series

1-2 Ones Is My Art

3 One Is Original