Hewwo >w<

__Some Information About Me__

Name: Comedy The Cat Or Comedy Rittersom/Comedia The Cat, Comedia The Ritterson

Age: 15 Years Old :0

Gender: Male ( Can Be Female .-. )

Temper: Funny Person, That Acts Like A Kitten Sometimes

Birthday: 21 February

Species: Cat / Catboy

Using Ibis.Paint X For My Drawings

_I Like_

Some Food: Milk, Meat, Sausage, Pasta, Hotdog, Ice Cream, Pasta

Cats And Bunnies ( They're Cute )

Hugs, Cuddles, Headpats, Tickles And Etc .-.

Be Funny :D

To Slee-Zzz

Being Lazy Sometimes .-.


Good And Funny Humor

To Watch Comedy Films

To Watch Cartoons

To Play In Old Games, That I Have Played In My Past A Lot Time Ago ( Not Playing Online Games ). My The Most Favourite Games Yhis Is Dark Souls, World Of Goo And Hollow Knight

Sometimes To Watch Horror Content, Creepypastas ( I Knew Creepypastas A Lot Before Fnf Mods Appeared :/ )

Listen Some Song, Music ( Without Words ), Clips And Osts From Games

__Follow My Friends__

@doyouwannahaveabadtimefool Cool animator, artist, developer and cool friend!

@Thegamervice777 Just A Cool Guy

@TilsKun Very Cute Guy :3

@Skyler20089 Good friend

@Glitchy_the_Fox Cool Fox And Cool Artist

@CatKirbDev A Cool Guy :/

@DoallyTheHuman A Very Good Person

@Cris-The-Hedgehog-Studios Very Cool Hedgehog

@Gluetreee Good Friend

@PurpTails_and_PurpSonic Very Cool Friend!

@Ok_Lefty Kind Girl <3

@UltraSonic75 Nice Buddy!

@BonnieFan2000 Very Good Bunny Buddy, That Is Like To Draw And Play. Now Also He's My Big Brother –w– ( Not In Real Life )

@Oxintoma32Dev Cool Developer

@LunaTheFoxWolf Kind, Good Foxwolf And My Beloved Softie UwU

@LukeDeBruin Meme Guy Which Love Memes \=

@Lightning_Lefox New And Good Friend-Fox!

@glitchyzach94 Nice Artist And Friend!

That's All... = /

@IsadDoesStuff__ Good Firend 👍

@Fnaf-Plus-AU One Of The Most Kindest Foxes That I've Ever Seen! ^v^

@TiffanyGhostFox Just Soft Fox .-.

@Bon_ourple_guy_style S m o l B u n n y, Actually Does Nice Arts .-.

@Applestar233 Very Cute And Nice Boy, That Loves Everyone. And He's Mine UwU

@Starlight_the_clown My Big Sis, I Love Her So Much >w<

_Another Stuff_

My Oc - Comedy The Cat Is Taken By @LunaTheFoxWolf And @Applestar233

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Hello? ....... 😞

hola its mike

Heyo! How haveyou neen? ^^


Very interesting artwork here!

Very VEERY A Lot Fan Arts, That Was Made By Some People For Me ^^

You Can Do Fan Art For As Well Me If You Want


Yay, I've Finally Drew Something!! :D

And Yep, Is Mine Oc And He's Fox Now –w–

I'll Stop Posting Arts Here For Now

I've Started Getting More Ideas And Motivation For Drawings. Today I've Drew One God From My Universe. This Is Arnalla, Goodness Of Love And Sufferings, Also Knowing As The Torturer Of Souls

Decided To Colour And Change A Little My Remake Of Mine Oc's Doodle :D