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Shout @CompoundGames!

Could you please put Sonic Before the Sequel Aftermath DX back up? I really want to play that game in widescreen

Please both games on android

pls sonic before the sequel remaster i want a remaster of sonic before the sequel with 16:9 widescreen and with improved cutscenes pls.

Can I Get a link to the discord?

Congrats on one year!!!

Sonic Before the Sequel - Reprise by Xinerus and NekoFox is another version of BTS that has various changes and improvements!
A demo of this project was released recently and you might want to check it out:

There's a Sonic Chrono Adventure remaster that's being made by Turbanoma. Go check out his project's trailer if you're interested.


If you still want to play an updated version of the BTS then look at TheA_Gamer554's Sonic Before the Sequel Fixed Edition! It might be just what you wanted!…

Ainand is working on a remake of the ATS! He made several demos public so try them if you're interested and leave a like under his latest announcement video if you enjoyed them!



Tye Trine is currently remaking Before the sequel aftermath to make it better then the version I removed. Please do us a favor and show Tye some support.

Link to Tye Trines GJ page: