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spawn dyaty

Happy Spawn Day man :)


Grats on 200 :)

By the way...

By the way...


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Bom bom bom, ba dum da dum

Happy 8th anniversary FNAF! I did not have much planned for this anniversary so I decided to show screenshots of some of the progress that has been done in my Security Breach build. Optifine is in it too.

So excited that Ultra Custom Night VR Campaign mode is out! At the same time I already have a TF2 video ready... but who says there has to be videos every weekend?

The 4th FNAF background!

When you have a lot of time to build in Security Breach, you tend to wander. Which is how I found out the elevator in the lobby was intended to be used. It plays the audio file when the button in it is pressed. It even includes the fazfacts

This is for youtube videos and clips