Twisted II Studio, developers of first-person psychological horror game: "Dark Fracture"


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Ayo holy shit bro this looks fucking sick

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Hi I purchased pre-order Dark Fracture and send the friend request. wonder I can receive my perks!

Happy Spawn day!!

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Development Blog n.13 - Festivities and bugs. No, BUGS!

Get up close and personal with our new insect friend.

Extremely excited to be a part of The MIX 10th Anniversary showcase, this Tuesday!

Check out awesome games and a new Dark Fracture trailer reveal during the event!…


Did you miss the new Dark Fracture trailer at Feardemic Fear Fest?

We got you covered, watch it here or at the link below!

Dark Fracture FFF Trailer (First-Person Psychological Cosmic Horror Game)
Dark Fracture Feardemic's Fear Fest Trailer. Development in progress.Try the free Prologue: Fracture is a psychological horr...

We're interrupting your daily scrolling to bring you the disturbing footage recovered from the local "body farm" research facility.