Hi! Im Darka! Makeup artist and cosplayer based in Spain. Also body paint streamer on Twitch! Twitch.tv/Darka_Studio


Hope you like my art ❤

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Love ya videos

your cosplays are awesome

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Hi ^^


I made this! Jaina Frost lich cosplay from Hearthstone

More Jett from Valorant! Cosplay made by me!

Feel free to check my Instagram for more 🥰 instagram.com/Darka_Studio/

#Valorant #Jett #Cosplay


Nargacuga armor showcase!

Nargacuga armor from Monster Hunter Game!

Cosplay by me✨

#MonsterHunter #Cosplay #Armoe

More Nargacuga armor!! Hope you like It ✨🥹 Cosplay from Monster Hunter Game

Cosplay by me!! #MonsterHunter

NEW COSTUME REVEAL! This is the Nargacuga amor set from Monster Hunter! Cosplay entirely done and worn by me. Hope you like It! #MonsterHunter #Cosplay