Hello everyone!

I'm an Indie Game Developer Hobbyist on Free Times🎮

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There is much more people using unity godoy and gamemaker compared to unreal.

Hello there. My name is EarnedHeart9166 and I am wondering if you are interested in joining the unreal engine development team here at LightShed Studios in our effort to work on out free roam fnaf game Fnaf: Project Reboot! If so, comment down below on this shout! Thanks


A new prototype where I'm currently implementing different basic features. Everything is super simple for now.

If you are looking for more information or Android version, check my Itchio page.

Happy Halloween!!🎃

The game is available to play! I hope you have some fun!

There is no Halloween without pumpkins.🎃🎃


Working on one mini-game for this Halloween.🎃

How it's going...