Welcome to my profile!

You will see some weird shit, pixel art and maybe some memes.

Nick names: Molten , Fat bear , Lukey , FNAF fan....

Status: single

Sexuality: straight , Shreksexual πŸ₯΅πŸΈ

Friends: @Abbyrausch a good friend errrrr also draws great!

@Mr_Nico_Cat he's my best friend errrr does some nice shit with SFM and features posts in my community

@KitKat_Lary one of my first ever friends on gamejolt , she does some edits that get so many fucking likes! ... I'm kinda jealous

@Bean_Soup3 well er she draws sooo fucking good! Also she funni πŸ€‘πŸ‘

@John_Wick_on_crack m y c o u s i n

Hmmmm ok I don't know who else to add... I'ma add more later

What i like: PENGUINS 🐧🀑 , robot furries (aka FNAF) , art πŸ§‘β€πŸŽ¨ , memes as well 🀑 , M u s i c 🎷🀑

What i HATE or scare me: Snakes.... , Fembois, lizards... Ok i don't know what else to say... Maybe the g a y

About me: well er I like making pixel art , I'm 14 years old , I'm from the Republic of Srpska , my favorite animal is a penguin , and i own a Community that has 3k members , my bday is 31 July

Note for myself: Nov 9 ... Don't forget that

Ok soo that's it ...

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Is that a funni clown

another skeleton πŸ’€πŸ¦΄

how did you accidentally become a skeleton with depression?

Another Funtime Freddy

Pog πŸ‘Œ

Hey everybody put the radio on!

Time to throw our troubles away hey hey!

We're turning up the music were having a fall this band keeps rocking forever and ever!!!

anyways hope ya all like it.

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Certified B O N E R moment or smt

Idk I'm not funni πŸš¬πŸ˜”

Bro don't know why but i got the American dad theme song stuck in my head... K i l l m e

My favorite thing about Christmas is the ads