Go follow https://gamejolt.com/games/Hollyjolly/630416, Im working on that game!

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make a analog horror video

Hello, I would like to talk to you, where can I do it?

Hey Doctor Doggo, I'm a developer working on a fnaf fangame, I'm looking for a 3D map modeler, would you like to join the Team?

If you want to see the fangame here is the link: https://gamejolt.com/games/gamejoltcomgamesgamejoltcomgamesPLid/731660

I would like to ask you please though if you can please answer me even if you don't want to enter

the mpeg community is here and needs your suport champion


Hey, are you a friend of Roy (the one who you followed), because if so, can you tell him to unblock me?


Overall rating: 10/10

a MUST PLAY for FNAF fans, and general arcade/ horror fans.

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Crusty the Cat Model WIP!


IDK what to post without spoiling the game so heres a teaser ig lol

Final Vrs Sketch of a fan drawing of Helen


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