Electronics student during the day...
Indie game dev at night
I'm fresh indie game dev. I'm trying new things to make my games better! Looking forward for your feedback

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Hey! You're doing a good job! Keep up the great work!

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I wish you a good time in this world

Thank u for the follow

personally i wish i was smart enough to be even a scratch dev

Sup bro. I like the new logo

Hey hey people!
Recently I released game where you run your own store and drop loot at night!
Check this out!

Hey hey people! I wonder do you prefer play on pc, console or mobile?

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Hey hey people!
I updated Slippy Cube once again and now it is compatible with more devices and have two more levels. You can check this out on google play:
and older version on GameJolt:

Hey hey people!
I'm working on new mobile project. Do you like idle games?

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Hey hey people! Finnaly I got new logo! Tell me which one you like most!

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