Howdy! I am Fandomzzz1234 or you can call me Fandomz (I also go as Fandomzzz21) I want to do game stuff or something some day so yeah, I also would like to make friends as well, thanks! This profile also accepts anyone who doesn't hurt people or anything. I hope everyone stays safe and have a good day/night/evening! Also make sure you stay hydrated!

Random Stuff about me ig lol

  • I try to do art (even if it is not good)

  • I am normally very nice (nice to me, I'm nice to you, mean to me, I "troll" or agree, depending on things)

  • I sometimes can't tell what is jokes or not, but normally it is easy lmao

  • Type 1 Diabetic

  • Trans male and Pansexual (but I kinda prefer men more)

  • I have a lover

  • I normally don't know what to post so sorry

  • Follow me and I follow back (it's an instinct thing, I'll get anxious and bothered if I don't follow/friend back)

  • Idk nor do I care but, I am autistic

  • I suck at socializing (I'm gonna get help with it some point)

  • Pfp is my older sister's cat, (I normally say he is my cat cause I like saying it and technically the truth) his name is Cloud. He has a nickname, it's Shadow it is cause he hides in darken areas and jumps at me and my siblings to try to scare us (he does sometimes lmao)

  • You can call me by my first name, if you want, which is, Jordyn.

  • I am 18 years old

  • 11/29 is my birthday

  • I am a very honest person

Other Social things




Some peeps (will add when I can ack)

Best Friend: @Tom-HoIIand

Lover: @LagsMightBeHere

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hi do you know @thatonezmartzi?

nice to see you follow me again, ive been slightly working on my posts, just a tad less dirty

thanks Fandomz

TY For follow :D

Just a little fact about the creatures of my analog horror thing that no one asked for

(In article)

Crazy catto

I edited this car last night, think it looks cooler now lol


Bruh what

She scared me lmao, I didn't see her