Howdy! I am Fandomzzz1234 or you can call me Fandomz (I also go as Fandomzzz21) I want to do game stuff or something some day so yeah, I also would like to make friends as well, thanks! This profile also accepts anyone who doesn't hurt people or anything. I hope everyone stays safe and have a good day/night/evening! Also make sure you stay hydrated!

Random Stuff about me ig lol

  • I try to do art (even if it is not good)

  • I am normally very nice (nice to me, I'm nice to you, mean to me, I "troll" or agree, depending on things)

  • I sometimes can't tell what is jokes or not, but normally it is easy lmao

  • Type 1 Diabetic

  • Trans male and Pansexual (but I kinda prefer men more)

  • I have a lover

  • I normally don't know what to post so sorry

  • Follow me and I follow back (it's an instinct thing, I'll get anxious and bothered if I don't follow/friend back)

  • Idk nor do I care but, I am autistic

  • I suck at socializing (I'm gonna get help with it some point)

  • My pfp was my older sister's cat (I normally say he is my cat cause I like saying it and technically the truth) his name is Cloud. He has a nickname, it's Shadow it is cause he hides in darken areas and jumps at me and my siblings to try to scare us (he does sometimes lmao)

  • You can call me by my first name, if you want, which is, Jordyn.

  • I am 19 years old

  • 11/29 is my birthday

  • I am a very honest person

Other Social things




Some peeps (will add when I can ack)

Best Friend: @Tom-HoIIand

Lover: @LagsMightBeHere

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Shout @Fandomzzz1234!

Thanks for the follow!

thx for follow you


hi do you know @thatonezmartzi?

nice to see you follow me again, ive been slightly working on my posts, just a tad less dirty

Since it was a yes, here is the link, please tell me if it expired for some reason but yeah. Please follow the rules and all that. Everything should be fine

Totally real shiny wild cinderace!!!1111!1!1!!!!1 (NOT A DITTO TOTALLY)

Also was being watched and cheared on while trying to catch it rofl (it was something for a friend)


Goodbye to a World Cover (Strings and Piano)

I'm really proud of the cover and just wanted to share it. The original song is by Porter Robinson too! Also it is on YouTube as well! ^^

(Oh yeah, Porter Robinson is my favorite musical artist)


I can't believe I nearly missed this beauty, probably cause I wasn't aiming for this one but Orthworm lmao

You know, it's really sad and disgusting that Elsagate is technically back on youtube.. I would ramble and stuff about it, but it's really disturbing and Ik minors are on here too, and I don't want to risk to scar or disturb others and children :/