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I'm game developer.

I have birthday in 6th May.

I have spawnday at 19th October

I love Five Night's at Freddy's.

I hate School, deleted dislike button

People you should follow:

@Hollorollo - He's Strong Man if you don't follow him ,he will fuck your ass.

@AntoineVanGeyseghem - Nice YouTuber

@TheHasanGamer - Very good guy

@ZackAnimator - R.I.P

@TheLegend87 - Memes

@JonatanPL - Just for good reason

@Kablablanoz - Yes

My favorite game developers:

@TheresNoSteak - Responsible for Running in the 80's, Graveyard shift at freddy's, The cog forever spinning.

@MoonieGlare - Resposible for The Return to Freddy's Rebuilt, The Backrooms Survival (roblox).

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hey you're that same guy who told me to go to ohio first of all i live in italy so ohio is far away from me

Happy FNaF 3 Anniversary!

I'm like you, but Average and not 1254

yellow bonnie

Yo info post about game doing order

and planned games.

(Yes, old game will return after a long time but they return!)

I almost beated night 6 with no lights but I died to powerout.


That is long fight.

Burntrap Alternate Ending may become real.

Release date: 04/01/23