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I'm game developer.

I have birthday in 6th May.

I have spawnday at 19th October

I like Five night's at freddy's.

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@Hollorollo - He's Strong Man if you don't follow him ,he will fuck your ass.

@AntoineVanGeyseghem - Nice YouTuber

@TheHasanGamer - Very good guy

@ZackAnimator - R.I.P

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@MoonieGlare - No

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best pfp ever lol

dude our bday is on the same day lmao

Thanks for charging me up!
Appreciate you :)

Swag avatar and header

Bad Morning

Early showcase of custom night.

Game is out now!

You can talk with Springtrap and find some hidden secrets behind game!

(If you found bugs just tell me on community)

Today the mysteries of life can now be unlocked

Before premiere I'm will show you new option Speaking Method which was inspired by last voting so everyone can use both methods (but only textbox can unlock one of two endings)