A mysterious fuchsia triangle who survives in this tumult of restless minds called GameJolt...

Gender: ♂️

Age: 🦕

Country: 🇪🇦

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Meaning of my pfp (stolen from @CreamAlphaWolfram ):

-Fuchsia = Normal / Fine / :)

-White = Supercharged / Full of powaaa! / >:D

-Black = Bad status / Kinda dead / <:(

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Digital Art

Sayo Arts

Lego Artwork (owner)

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See you around gamejolt. 👋🏼

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Shout @Fer3xF!

Ferdi, I know when you like my posts because of the app lol

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Should I make part 2?


🤪 me irl

Hi buddies!

I created my own Knuckles with lego (this doesn't exist in stores).

As I always say, it's very complicated to create without having the necessary pieces. I had to take a lot of steps back during the process. :S

I hope you like it! Byeeee! ^^

Hi people!

I'm building something big and important (you'll see it soon), but in the process, it occurred to me to put a few pieces together and make this cute minibot.

The little dude was curious about my coffee, so I gave him one of his size.


Ok, dear members of this community, the time has come to announce something.

Read the article, please.

The disadvantage of being my friends... 🤷‍♂️

Sorry. 🤭






(Doodlin' time! ^^)

Yes, I made it. :)

22 cm blade. Hardened steel. Rope covered handle.

I didn't sharpen it much to make it a little less dangerous, but still... it's a beast. >:3 It feels like an axe.

I'm very proud of it because I've never done anything like this before.


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