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We are the small indie team behind Feudums, a fair-to-play indie crossbred of Crusader Kings, MMO strategy games, hand drawn visuals and the vibe of '90s cult strategy games like Lords of the Realm.

We are determined to deliver our carefully handcrafted project, bootstrapping to our limits and beyond.


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Happy #screenshotsaturday! We made a longer version of our in-game montage, recorded in #Feudums games with actual players.

Direct your own story and try out the demo!

*During the making of this video, no testers were harmed!*

#medieval #strategy #mmo

Community Poll!

Many of you have asked for some sort of single-player content on our channels for over 6 months, so please take the chance to shape our story - even if you prefer our online multiplayer game mode - and vote!

We have recently updated our dev-diary demo, adding a bunch of bugfixes & <drumroll> , the first look at the in-game guide! I hope you'll find it useful!

Enjoy your weekend!

DL & changelog: (incl. direct, steam & itchio)


The work of the last weeks is slowly coming together in a demo update - planned for the 2nd half of next week.

This will include a basic in-game tutorial- with limited content, but continuously updated - and a host of other features.

Stay tuned!

Diplomacy has been recently added to the latest test build. Players can now sign treaties about various topics (incl. resources, sight, trade or border agreements).

In-game chat is now also persistent.

Grab the build for free!



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