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We are the small indie team behind Feudums, a fair-to-play, accessible cross-genre mmo grand-strategy game with community-driven narrative, designed to run on both PCs & tablets. We are determined to deliver our carefully handcrafted project, bootstrapping to our limits and beyond.


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Happy #screenshotsaturday! We made a longer version of our in-game montage, recorded in #Feudums games with actual players.

Direct your own story and try out the demo!

*During the making of this video, no testers were harmed!*

#medieval #strategy #mmo


Happy #screenshotsaturday ! This weekend, until 12.12, we are participating in the #TurnbasedFest!

If you love turn-based games, be sure to check it out - there are lots of cool titles there to try or buy!

#tbs #strategy


Happy #screenshotsaturday! New update is out with a lot of bugfixes and some quality of life features, like players can now get detailed information about the battle calculations on the map and can even playback the timeline.
#mmo #strategy #madewithunity


You can freely change your perspective in Feudums. Enjoy a war game high-level look or zoom in to see your armies and fiefdom up close! Come and try!

#screenshotsaturday #mmo #freetoplay #medieval #strategy


Feudums will feature a number of different architectural styles to spice up the gameplay. Also seasons.

I get the hint, pictures are pretty but boring. Okay. Let me put it another way.

#indiewednesday #bitesize


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