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About Me:I am a guy who posts Memes,Art,"Caption This" posts and many more! I was A gamejolter since April 10th 2021. My popular community is the TRC aka The Ron Club! Oh Boy I do like Ron so much.. Even I have a YouTube channel! (Too lazy to add link for now) I like shows + movies such as Apple and Onion,Wall e and Well.... Other Stuff I guess....

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:Insert Rick roll here Because I cant put gifs in bio's:

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hey bro i noticed that your community doesn't have a banner so i decide to make a concept for you

you can use it if you want

Find the epic faces is now find the bad piggies, sorry

you want eat me or no


Wow i got fanart

credits and stuff in article

Might take a break

My IPad Screen is not normal

Hi again

Sorry for not posting



I suck di- I mean bread


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