Hey im doing a Discount on Ko-fi

Hey there, I'm Flagimtoshi and a... well... i make games, still didnt really figure out how this all works until recently.

Anyways link me some of your games to me to play and you play mine, alright?

Contrary to popular belief, I'm not English

Just give me a shout <3

Made Games:

  • UTRCraft


I have a Ko-fi Page: Here

im #gjfamous

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Shout @Flagimtoshi!

Happy spawnday!

Happy Spawnday!

Just realized you changed your name lol,it's good tho!

how did you know fnaf fan games

thx for the follow

got 1 chunk to load and be editable

Claudia Engine is a breeze

This will take some work...

Ported the Player Model to ClaudiaEngine ready for development!!🙌