Hi I’m fnaffan347 I’m a fan of fnaf batim Cuphead ddlc Mario sonic mega man Pokémon my hero academia anime star vs the force of evil baldis basics crash bandicoot thomas the tank engine Touhou fnf dhmis poochee and pansy spongebob the loud house T. U. G. S danganronpa bfdi ii angry birds plants vs zombies Llamas with hats Charlie the unicorn Metroid the legend of Zelda mother/earthbound roblox undertale dick figures OMORI and some other stuff and I also make random games in Clickteam Fusion GameMaker 8.1 GameMaker: Studio GamMaker: Studio 2 Godot Engine Scratch GDevelop and flash 8 (but I mostly make games in Scratch) I also make random fnaf fangames in FNAF Engine and FNAF Engine Reborn i also make random animations in flash 8 i also make random art in scratch and ibis paint (but i mostly do scratch art) and i'm also the creator of Those Nights at Thomas's

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Birthday: 09/28/06

link to my Twitter: https://twitter.com/malboy2006

link to my newground: Malboy2006 (newgrounds.com)

link to my scratch: https://scratch.mit.edu/users/malboy2006/

link to my deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/malboy2006

my discord: Malboy2006#0187

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Thought of a story idea (official name for this game is named falling stars)

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bonedoggle but withered freddy withered foxy withered bonnie and balloon boy sing it

So I’m doing an fnf cover if bonedoggle but with the fnaf 2 characters and I did withered foxy as papyrus but who do ya think should be sans?

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fnasb-swapped be like

(models by SquidwardTentacools i just edited them)