Wowie thanks for checking out my bio :D

(Have my pfp like this until I have motivation to make a new one XD)

  • The name’s Forest or it can be Frozrest sometimes (cuz frozen and- forest XD) btw you can call me by any nickname I wouldn’t mind

  • Well, I’m a beginner(?) artist- more like a kid who’s trying to draw his best :P so do expect much on my arts TvT

  • The art request is up! But- if you managed to send me any request just don’t expect it will be done anytime soon sorry...

  • I’m very lazy, is this worth to be mentioned? :P

  • Don’t even have a post schedule XD. I can be online often but i’m pretty scared of opening up or starting a conversation with anyone

    Hope we can get along! Thanks all of your support, you guys really make every day of this kid a lot better!!! <3

•—Buch of useless Infos of me—•

Birthday: 15/4

Art softwares that i’m using: Medibang paint pro, Ib paint x, Libresprite (forgive me please I don’t have money T^T)

Nationality: Vietnamese

Favorite games: Undertale, Deltarune, Minecraft, etc...

Age: Ey- just need to know that I’m a minor :)

Gender: male (straight)

I love anime (don’t judge me XD)

•—Awesome friends that you should follow—•

(Sorry for all of the mentions first)

@SomeFunniGuyWithCancer : he’s funni, he does art but-

@NotStave : da best boi

@TK_Nova01 : damn she has a library of oc lores and VERI cool arts XD

@Xiumstar : spooky, funky guy

@WingedKing : i want your perfect personality and art style (jk jk XD) big sis vibes cuz why not -w-

@CreamAlphaWolfram : a very nice, smart and supportive friend -w-

@chill_guy : omg here comes the chillest chill ever

@Pluo : the most famous box i have ever known

@therealwafflesoffcia : yum cool waffles dude B)

@DweepGuy : one of the oldest and best friends of mine on gj also his arts are fantastic ✨✨✨

@Noah-Floofster : kind fluffy goat boi :3

@ANoob_ : a nice guy who creates beautiful pixel arts

@Applejack233 : wowie what a nice and carrying friend to have ^^

@MrWooloo : when the cool sheep does pixel art :3
@Hombreguz412 : cool papyrus who can does art B) Nyeh heh heh

(If I forget anyone pls don’t mad at me TvT I usually have a brain of a- uh- BREAD)

•—More awesome ppl that are not my friend...yet ;)—•

Well i’ll just mention them i guess? (Sorry!!)

@Artsy_Smartsy , @bunnytale , @Syxusty , @LUKELCS , @PrimaDrawz

You just made it to the end!

Thank you again for went to my bio ^^! Gj is such an amazing place with awesome people!! Hope we can stick around :D

Have some cookies!!! 🍪🍪 (two cookies left)
*one has been taken by a skeleton :0*
*I fed a goat with a cookie*

Hm... also my sister @/slam10 be nice to her ok?

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Shout @ForestTheFrozen!

I just went here-

Happy Spawn Day!

oh happy spawnday 🥳

Thanks so much for the shout! c:

Also I stole one of your cookies so thank you for that >:)

Hey is it okay you Draw me again but me and my boyfriend and my brothers as two different pics

Thanks for the shout ^.^

Today is my spawnday??! (didn't even notice XD)
Well- thanks for all of your supports!! Those stuff really mean a lot to me lol
And.. I'm sorry for no celebration.. I'm in pretty a bad mood and can't even draw shit.. ooo



everyone when it's Men's Day

Hey guys uh- should i make a fanart compilation of me?

Like there would be anyone bother making fanart for me XD

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