Hello! I am a random person that decided to spread joy amongst Gamejolt by following lots of people (especially smaller creators), liking posts and sending nice comments! Please don't be mean, not to me or you or anyone on the internet and irl!


some nice people who deserve to be in my bio:

@EpicKewl :(












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Shout @Free_follows_4_all!

Huh, wonder what happened to him...

why are you offline all this time? its been 2 years!

Where did you go?

Where did you go? We miss u :(

Smiley boi!

Happy Halloween gamejolt!!!

It's always terrifying when you think you've forgotten your password :/

I feel like it is time for a pfp change because Christmas was quite a while ago... Any suggestions?

I came back just in time for my 1 year anniversary!


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