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Shout @Frisk5501!

but accept my invit

you make a thing of FNAF TF ? to test

so you guys might have been worring or I am wrong because of me not posting a day post because me and my team has been working and talking in discord and we even do leaks in discord server so if you wanna come then I will wait at

fun fact: I will play my game once it's playable to see me play it join the discord server and don't wait for me to play it cuz it's not finished yet

new pfp is Frask made in art again cuz I lost data from resetting but google is still fine cuz of my account

well the new game is being made which was an idea from me is One Night at Frisk [haha yes this is inspired by ONAF and something else]

oh I have 31 followers now well here the title of the new game that will be worked on: hidden mystery


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