Hello! I'm a Streamer who enjoys alot of ROBLOX, Friday Night Funkin', many other rhythm games, and Pokemon!
I have 11 years of Competitive Pokemon Experience, and I'm studying to be an Architect!
Join my discord for more updates on when I stream! https://discord.gg/Yngwr4CUqY

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your the best hope you'll reach 1k in 5 days!

when are going to do a stream



can you make a gamejolt post of a short video to make chromatics so i dont have to keep asking you for the instructions when you fireside?


I got asked to make a video about how i make fnf chromatics. Well there's a bunch of tutorials online but, I'm bored so why not. There's definitely better ways to go about this. :)


(CENSORED SWEARING) @Solarithropy told me that Matt was added to Nintendo Switch Sports so as all sane people do, I gathered my friends into a voice call as I tried to beat the legend.
After several attempts I finally did it. It was awesome.

I made a community for Beat Saber! :D


Blue Zenith. A Legendary and well known song within the osu community. Even peter griffin knows this song. Get ready for "PETE ZENITH"

Uploaded to youtube as well(WITH AN ACTUAL VIDEO.)

"PETE ZENITH" | Xi - Blue Zenith (Peter Griffin Cover)
WYSI WYSI WYSI #bluezenith #osu #petergriffin #familyguy #727 #wysi #whenyouseeit #music #fnf Credits to XI, Blue Zenith is created by them. https://www.yout...

"Frozen when will you stream again?"
"What are you even doing with your time?"

"Why hasn't frozen streamed?!"

coming soon.