Hey everyone!

I'm a fnaf fan and a fnaf fanstory and fan film dev! I love to play fnaf and its fangames! Go check out my channel! Thx!

My fnaf youtube channel link: https://youtube.com/channel/UCiUr9Fqxjy3EaclSAozVayg

The cool people!:

@Hawkee | go follow this guy! He's amazing at drawing and more! (Pssttt he's especially good at pixel art!) I follow him and he follows me!

@SonicTheHedgehogOfficial | this person just follows me! Makes some great stuff too!

@PlushtrapHateSun | this person follows me and I follow them! I think he's amazing like everyone else!

@Marichanrrrr | an amazing individual like everyone else on this list 😁🐰🖤🐻💜

@Boris-The-Wolf-Official| I follow him he follows me,makes amazing stuff like everyone else!

@KitKat_Lary | this person just started following me today, agreat person like the rest of you! (And I follow them)

@AntoineVanGeyseghem | a modeler!,youtuber and gamejolter- is brilliant at loads of different things the rest of you!

@jacko_gametime1245 | hey everyone Jacko gamtime is brilliant like the rest of you! They are good at loads of things and they even have a youtube! Jacko gametimes youtube:https://youtube.com/channel/UCMAAIrK7_le9_NA8MCXQy0g

Please follow Jacko gametime and sub to them on youtube! They only just started a youtube! So they need help getting to 100 subs!

@TheHasanGamer | an amazing person and gamejolter like the rest of you! And creates some really cool stuff!

@kittykatkatelol | amazing individual with good story tell skill! Love her art work!

@FOXGUYFOXTAIL | amazing artist! And deserves more than 50 followers! (Psssssst! U deserve like over 300 followers!)

@Vlad876 | awesome modeler! I love her modeling style and she is a game dev looking to reach 100 followers!

@TheRealFoxy101 | just amazing in every way!

@TheRealKitKat | awesome human being! Love their art style!

Right on with the rules!:


2•please be respectful to others and take responsibility for your actions thx!

3•no annoying people,causing arguments ect!

4•don't ask to be a channel member cause I'm only asking smaller content creators!

5•rude comments and any rude commented stuff aimed at people to be horrible will be 1 taken down and 2 will have to be banned for how many days or weeks I say so!

Also anything horrible aimed at my channel members will result in 1 weeks ban and/orhavs there comment taken down.

Please subscribe to @jacko_gametime1245 and @AntoineVanGeyseghem on youtube if u can!

@AntoineVanGeyseghem :https://youtube.com/channel/UCSRc2ApPfAMQ-JslRhAH0vA

@jacko_gametime1245 :https://youtube.com/channel/UCMAAIrK7_le9_NA8MCXQy0g

-banner renders and profile art!-

The lefty character is mine but the render was made by @DelauneGAMES and the foxy character was made by @AntoineVanGeyseghem ! The glitchtrap is Scott cawthons character obviously!

@Hawkee made the current pfp!

-extra info about me-

-im a average teen

-im a collage year 10 student

-im an editor,fanfilm dev and fnaf fanfic dev!

-bad at math


And I have a huge passion for fnaf!

Games im helping with:

The fazbear chronicals

And those nights at pips!

I'm co-director and concept artist for the fazbear chronicals! And for those nights at pips I'm just helping in general!

Favorite fangame devs!:





@Emilmacko and @RedRabbitGames

-Favorite fangames/upcoming fangames!-

-Fnabr (five nights at bonnies)

-FNAF + (upcoming fangame)

-pyro illusion (upcoming fangame)



-shadow over freddys


All fnaf characters are my favorite!

All fnaf games are my favorite!


I can't wait to meet yall! And I can't wait to get along with yall! See yall on the glitchside!

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hey so i hear you wanted to work with us :)


I am reading Devoured Ar Code and it is good and question can i talk to you about something in private? send me a friend request so we can talk about something important.

Thank you for saying amazing. No one has said that to my art before. Thank you so mutch!

I join your commu

The fazbear chronicals poster!

Read the article:

Just a poster I made!

(Characters belong to @ddemkoo , @Gabykitten and @Phisnom !)

Guys look at what I now have!

Before I announce whats happening after I've done with aload of the drawing stuff I'm doing i wanna shout out my good freind @Moxxie_very_nice !


Now the announcement!

Read the article to read whats happening!