Hi I'm Aidan aka FnaFGamer14 I'm a 17 year old artist and furry artist I'm a musician I'm also a game developer I'm also the CEO of Unnerving Entertainment

I like to draw and write I am also sorta a composer I am bad a models and programming but I am practicing Also I am Highly Autistic with Bad ADHD and Bipolar and a Learning Disability so I am Mentally Disabled so yeh that is all about me.

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are you open cuz i want hire people in the team moon thing
just asking (if not then thats okay)

Hey Aidan,

If your not busy,

I just wanted to know if you could help making assets for my fnaf fangame

Like making 3D models

And other assets and all that

Btw I will surely give you credit in my game if you can help me making the assets.

So I just wanted to know if you can so ye.

Have a great day or night!

Thx for following me!

cade freddys deception


Run as fast you can

Animation by NewgameLD(Chriz)

Dev Note.01

Map Design by Goondis

QnA Time

Help Wanted

It finally Came