I spreedrun sometimes. I draw sometimes. Sometimes I may even breathe.

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Shout @Genehen!

Your art is very cool and that VRChat model is very... peculiar...


Hello ^^

Amazing art! ^^

In a few months it'll be 6 years since she died.
My queen, my boss, my little lady, my stinky old woman... I miss you, Fantail <3

I haven't posted Mooncake in awhile... gotta fix that ;)
Been looking forward to this challenge - it was fun!!!

It feels weird posting an image that isn't mine - but I don't own one! They're sold out :'(
The Reversible Sun and Moon plush from the collectors edition is very cool. #FaveFNAFMerch
((image cropped from the MaximumGames April 20 2022 twitter post))

My favourite sonic game is Sonic R :) It might not be the best one, but it IS a vibe #SonicFriday

I've been busy lately - but gamejolt tasks are a good excuse to force myself to draw :)