Hey, I build small games on my spare time. Mostly work in #rpgmaker 2003.

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Shout @GoblinGrotto!

I like the general look and feel of your work!


My name is Danny. I'm a composer based in Los Angeles. I am wondering if you need any assistance with game music for any upcoming games. I am trying to expand my portfolio to include video game music, but I have several years of experience writing electronic music, piano music, and working as a consultant or director for bands of various instrumentation.

At this time, I'm open to submitting material or collaborating pro-bono, in exchange for composer credit and use of my work in a demo reel. If you have any video teasers of any upcoming games in development, I would be happy to draft together a few demos for you.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

Dungeon crawling

Coming in hot

Working on some menu mock ups for a dungeon crawler

Mountain area is now in on the rpgmaker 2003 dungeon crawler

Update on the rpgmaker 2003 dungeon crawler. Worked a bit on the UI, added a compass and minimap. Also got object rendering working with the tree/bushes.