3D Props and Environments Modeling Commissions Closed! When open, Message at L-XiānG#8568 on Discord.
Jack of All Trades Multimedia Artist and Game Developer/Director

Please, don't ask me to help with any work for anyone, as I'm already working on several projects of my own.

And, I don't accept random friend request.
What I Do

I do 3D/2D art, programming in C#, animation, music composition, voice acting, audio editing, story writing, graphic design, more, and with all of this, game development in the Unity game engine.
Games I am working on / Have Made

Bean VS Bean

Brain Fried

Week with the Griffins




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Hi! My name is Noah and I'm the Lead Project manager at LightShed Studios, a group of talented developers working on our new Free Roam Unreal Engine Fnaf Game Five Nights at Freddy's: Project Reboot! We were curious if you would consider joining out team! We could use new development/modeling skill on the team and we'd love to have you! If you need more info, feel free to comment down below this shout or check out our GameJolt page! Thank you!


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Commissions for prop and environment modeling/texturing! If you want to see more things I have made, feel free to leave a comment asking about it.

More details in the article.




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