- Game/Software/Web Developer. I am creating a game in Unity 3d and using C# and i can create game with Unreal Engine and c++. I can write code in python, c#, c++, javascript, php, typescript.

- Sotial-Networks: Instagram ( https://www.instagram.com/hcoder_hy/ ), Twitter ( https://twitter.com/HackCoderHY ).

- Groups and Communities: Gamejolt ( https://gamejolt.com/c/h_game_group-dnrhwi ), Discord ( https://discord.gg/eXr5WHRn )

-I created my own development team, the team is called Triangle Production. Team members:

3D modelers: @theguyofcuthulu , @SweetWolves and @UltraMoon .

Composers: @laiferplay , @Sunky_choccy_milk_edition and @SanicBYT .

Level designer: @Kudasai_0 .

2D artists: @KimberlyPereyra , @Paterno , @Genku and @ Igrisa .

Worker with light: @theguyofcuthulu .

Game designer: @HCoder (me).

Writer: @HCoder (me).

Programmer: @HCoder (me).

Beta Tester: @SweetWolves .

Animator: @DieToSurvive .

I wrote a neural network in python that understands handwritten numbers

I'm making a portfolio game while my team is making concept art and 3d models for our shared game

Hello, we are starting to develop a new game with the whole team, the game will be a shooter, the game will be called "Shoot Head", if you want to help our team with the development of the game, write in the comments, I will answer

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