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unity and c# hell yeah

hi I have a game idea but I don’t know how to draw very good drawings and also don’t have a computer to make models so if you or anyone else when someone has time I would like some help?

Can i have a little suggestion? What program do you use for 3d art and how do you make it?

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Hey, @HazzardGameworks! I think you need a little bit of help with the amazing 3D community. Would you mind adding me as a moderator there? I'll be more than glad to help out, even to choose more folks to make it even more awesome.

Starting a new personal project! Working on a model sheet for a character from a manga I've been really enjoying. Do you recognize this guy?

I've been busy with client work lately, so I haven't had any personal projects to share. I have, though, been busy on my little studio I built in my garage! (second pic shows the previous layout XD). It's still a WIP

Haven't sculpted anything in a while, so I got some practice in with this tileable stylized PBR wood.

#3dart #lowpoly #sculpt #fantasy #stylized #wood

Got the character shader set up in Unity, probably work on a few environment props next

#3dart #ukiyoe #character #unity

I've got a cool paper texture effect going on, but it probably won't show very well with compression 😪 next i'm going to try and duplicate this blender shader in Unity with shader graph

#3dart #ukiyoe #character #ronin