just an idiot

im a artist (i think)

mel/ody and also h/ot

bday:26 dec

spawn day:march 31

im a woman.(totally duh)!!

ok some random part for the people who i love the most!!,.!

(sorry if i forgot some people😔i just can't put 100+ people here.)

@bella__ angel woman damn imagine how amazing she is💕💖💙

@NoahReal ilysmt!!! (no hetro)!!!👉👈

@BurritoBoy30 a burrito?!?? sounds epik right??💗💕

@fluorsmth birdwoman sohot smh!!!

@AlexxxStudops #1 alex on gamejolt!! also mah beloved💕

@VickzStudio my lovely sister!! who doesn't love her? 💖💕

@_GabeTheDoggo_ best dog!!<3

@Mouzilla mozilla uwu

@chloe__ hi dso😘

@Caro_ the best frog/artist!!!🐸

@Your_Local_Dark_ArtistYT my lovely brother follow him!!!

@OfficialVanny #1 vanny on gamejolt ofc!!!

@MarriedGardener31 HI😘😘😘

@dogtroid helolollol

@Rev-ReviewerOfgenresVA ilyt Rev!!!

@Regalito hiiii green guy hot pfp

@Jack_O_Bonnie11345 sigh HIIIII.,.,

@No_Desi1 amazing artist💖💗

@yowhat what yo!!!

@UnderverseTeam77_1 not a russian!!! also ilyt

@VaporWaveThe_Synth ourple furry???!! no way!!

@r9ostdkgvuusf0vd9k hi SOCOOLER

@Patoe_ PAT

@Mr_Nico_Cat NICO

@YumiGaming_ yumi

ok thank you for reading my ''short'' bio good bye

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Shout @HearthCandy2!

please come back 😔

the death and no return of melody

every day

i lie in wait

for the day of your return

i do not know if or when this day will come

but one thing i do know is that if or when this day does come

it will be absolutely brilliant :DDDDDDD

Did you die or smthn? :(

dead account 💀

@ManelElMestari ngl this art is a masterpiece tysm<3

follow her🤸‍♀️✨



damn i love @Regalito 👍

also hello chat!!!

ok imma sleep

gn y'all ily🤸‍♀️💕