Bienvenido a mi Cuenta aqui podras encontrar mis Fangames y otras cosas (yo amo los juegos Sonic.exe)/Welcome to my Account here you can find my Fangames and other things (I love the Sonic.Exe games)

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Hello,so,if you respond this,its good to know,but,can i remade your sonic.exe game?(Sonic.EXE The Revenge Of Exevil)

Is it ok if I can make a full version of Sonic.EXE The Parasite?



We love you! Can you make a Sonic Mania Plus Sequel Fangame Soon?

Give it time. Good luck!.

New Story is in Work, Dont think i forget about this, Im taking my time, No Games for Now, Maybe in Future, The Story of The Parasite will be improved with a new concept like i said.

So, Dont wait im making a Game cuz im not doing it.

So, This Page and this Game Version is Officialy not Original Story, (Devy Version is not Official or Canon too), oh, And Devy is not working on TP Reformed anymore, so Dont wait another Demo from that Game, That Story is so wrong, Im improving that now.

Hey, long time huh?, well im here to say something about this Game Version.

This Version is not Canon or Official to My New Version of Parasite, Thats right, Im working in a New And Better version of This Story right now, Probably this return in future.

Should I cancel Round 2 and DLC?

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