Heya ! My name is Icea. i'm a 20 Years Old French Women. I like helping peoples who need it. I'm nice and always up for a talk !

--------- People I Like A Lot ---------

@Tylerboi [A lovely person]
@AUSTINMADHOO [A nice person to be friend with]
@Dominikowski1 [A person i love to help]
@Dyevo_ [The Dyevo]

@NotRossNotMax12 [A great friend]

And more...
If you're not in this list it dosn't mean i dont like you! I love you all !


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I love Sewayaki! Even though I haven't watched the anime or a lot of anime's, she is one of my favorites!

its been 69 years...

Happy spawn day bestie!

Fox when playing Fnaf.

But what happend to icea. Just guess while i get myself some tea.


Even if it's a long duty. Taking care of people is worth it.

Remember, if you take care of them, they take care of you.
The beauty of the act is there.

PAF. = Peoples. Are. Fox.

I would like to know. What the hell is happening.

@ficha have been banned ? Why ?
Not here to take anyone on my side but what the fox happend ?


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