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"JadeJohnson Industries™" are a team of family-friendly-language-only-adhering, console-grade-PowerPoint-game-developers, technical-support-specialists, musicians, and film-and-animation-producers; led by JadeJohnson, an eighty-seven-point-five-percent-blind Slide-Show-Game-developer who's been in the field since 2007.

"Jade", as he is known, started on PowerPoint 2002, and now uses the latest non-subscription-based Microsoft-Office-build, excitedly-setting-aside funds to ensure that he can purchase the newest build as soon as it's available!

We here at "JadeJohnson Industries™" believe that no software is limited by its specifications, but rather by the ignorance or impatience of a closed-minded user, so we will continue to develop games and apps in PowerPoint for as long as we can do so.

Finally, we believe that the truly-best things in life should always be free, so whether it's our games, apps, music, films, animations, or tech-support-services; you will never be charged to experience our content and assistance. That is our promise to you. So if you have to pay for something labelled "JadeJohnson [Company-Branch-Suffix]", it's not ours, it's not safe, and we suggest you report it to us, thank you!

JadeIrect 2023.06.14 Title-Completion ProGress-Report: We're making great time!

We have a massively-exciting new goal: How cool would it be if every title and update at the JadeIrect™ went live, the day of?!

We wanna be the first company to do that!

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For all of you whom either are members, or have always dreamt of becoming part, of The Desi Community, "Wrestle Camp 2" is now being translated to Hindi!

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We've released three-more Entrance-Templates, usable to create custom entrances for Wrestle Camp 2, complete with your own characters, creatable in, to animate in Mixamo, download, and use in PowerPoint to your heart's content!

Thank you, @DaviMac , for both liking and following "Wrestle Camp 2"!

¡Obrigado, @DaviMac , por gostar e seguir "Wrestle Camp 2"!


Anyone smell a Nintendo Direct on February Tenth Of Twenty--Twenty-Three?

(Artwork made in thirty minutes in PowerPoint 2021.)

(Music made in Rockstar Games®'s Beaterator™.)

(Video built in Clipchamp.)

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