Cool gal that draws and does wacky video edits sometimes
[used to do music but kinda gave up on that]

- 14 yr
- Types very funky way [ ex -ha i,.,.,.,] a lot
- Dumbass
- I like too much video game
- How do I be funni?
- Mentally insan,..,.

Chumhandle - basedArsonist

Artfighting -

[Alt Account - @_FLOWER_ ]

Uhh dm me or something if you want my discord ig

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Shout @Jadie!

Happy birth day!!

I’m so happy to see you Gm

Aw you gave me a heart sticker I’m so happy ur welcome


made two silly touhou pfps,.,.,..,

also uh mutuals who has an account on the new fnf site?
I wanna follow peopl,...,.
{for the ones that don't know there is a cool fnf site now uhhh its uhhh]

Normal day


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