Hi I'm Jayden (also go by Manora :3)! I'm an artist who loves FNaF, FNF, TBOI, Slendytubbies, YKW, Pizza Tower, TF2 and a lot of other things! Work on a lot of FNF Mods, mostly Friday Night Fanverse, Wario's Fast-Funk Factory and Neo's Awesome Friday Night, hoping to be able to code and compose one day and get into game development! Taken by 💜@LaFuzzie 💜 :3c

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if you're a fan of scary games.....

Hey dude, just wanting to tell you that the Discord server link for Extreme Custom Night has expired

Asked Kane Carter's BMC Community for outfits to draw Manora the Mouse from POPGOES in, ended up getting Olivia from The Great Mouse Detective! Was rly fun to do!! :3

POPGOES owned by @Kane

#FNAF #popgoes #fnafanart #popgoesfanart #manorathemouse

cant stop posting about @LaFuzzie SHE IS THE BEST

man i love @LaFuzzie so much

@LaFuzzie hai how r u

i dont think i ever posted this but a silly drawing of canny i did cuz shes awesome and @LaFuzzie made her sooooo hi babee



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