Hi I'm Jayden (also go by Manora :3)! I'm an artist who loves FNaF, FNF, TBOI, Slendytubbies, YKW, Pizza Tower, TF2 and a lot of other things! Work on a lot of FNF Mods, mostly Friday Night Fanverse, Wario's Fast-Funk Factory and Neo's Awesome Friday Night, hoping to be able to code and compose one day and get into game development! Taken by 💜@LaFuzzie 💜 :3c

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Shout @JaydenOver9000!

if you're a fan of scary games.....

Hey dude, just wanting to tell you that the Discord server link for Extreme Custom Night has expired


Update: Are pogrammer is working on other projects (go play FNaF World Creator). But i will continue to work on the art! I'm gonna work on Night 2! I'll update you all once are programmer is ready!

Once we reach 20 followers or 100 views ill make a Discord server!

It seems the game is slowly growing... AWSOME! But for an actual update. The first night is almost finished. Not in programing but in art. Once the first night is completely done I plan to realece a demo!


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